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Changsha borrowing needs to pay attention to what

Changsha borrowing needs to pay attention to what:

first, note that the borrower's credit and solvency must first look each other in the fixed assets, income, and so on, to determine whether it has the ability to repay.

Secondly, due when the loan contract or promissory note loans, do not take into account human feelings, relationships, and other factors, be sure to allow borrowers to include contract or promissory note and clearly state the borrower, loan amount, purpose, interest rate and repayment time, content, signed, each party holds one copy kept.

third, for larger amounts, performance guarantee and collateral procedures for insurance purposes, for large loans are best handled by people looking for a certain economic strength of guarantor or guarantees and, if necessary, can also allow borrowers to CDs, bonds, vehicles, real estate, personal property as collateral, and perfecting the guarantee or mortgage formalities. This way, the borrower in case of unpayable debt, can contribute to the recourse of the guarantor loan or mortgage lawfully to satisfy debt.

last, borrowers borrowing should be legal for knowing that the borrower is to gambling, illegal activities such as drug trafficking and addiction while borrowing, State law does not protect. The old saying goes, the gentleman Moss, in a proper way. At the time of borrowing, not just personal gain, to lend money to people who violate.

fifth, loan interest rate should be reasonable and legitimate China's Supreme People's Court concerning the trial of cases of borrowing a number of article views: 6th, lending rates may be appropriate above the bank rate, but shall not exceed a maximum loan interest rate four times. Meanwhile, interest shall not be included in calculating compound interest in principal, it is often said that the "arbitrage", the excess of interest and compound interest is not protected by law. Therefore, the loan negotiation of rates should be within the acceptable range.

VI, pay attention to the terms of the General principles of civil law States: "to the Court for protection of civil rights for 2 years. "In other words, lent money to the agreed repayment period, protected by law within two years, more than two years are no longer protected by law. According to this provision, the creditor may take the form of collection or update the IOU, maintenance of legal claims.

seventh, applying laws to recover debts if the borrower does not talk about credibility, escape account default, the creditor must not take seized hostages and robbed goods such as extreme violation, to correctly use legal weapons to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests. In accordance with the law, for the fact that more clearly, a small debt, the creditor may apply to the Court for payment order directly require debtors to repay their debts. If necessary, the Court may impose compulsory enforcement measures.

eighth, beware of Changsha "illegal fund-raising" lending some individual businesses or business people covet high mental, throwing baits sharks in the same region or between the familiar underground illegal fund-raising. This deterioration of lending risk, should draw everyone's attention.

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