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The advantages and disadvantages of Changsha from bank loans

Changsha Bank loans advantages:
cost less. Relative to other financing instruments, Bank lending is one of the lowest cost, interest rates on bank loans to be set according to the specific circumstances of the general business loan interest rates higher than small-business loan interest rates; credit rating businesses with low interest rate may be higher than high credit business loan interest rates; medium-and long-term lending rates are higher than short-term interest rates, and so on. Together, Bank lending rates are still has a comparative advantage.
funding stability. Given the strength of the Bank, well-funded, stable source of funding. The loan applications of SMEs, through review of the Bank, signed a loan contract with the Bank, and meets the conditions of lending, banks generally provide funds to enterprises, meet the financing needs of the enterprise.


However, disadvantages of bank loans is also equally obvious: high threshold
Bank loans. Banks to control lending risks, often on the competency, credibility, growth of demand is very high. Banks often require collateral, but most SMEs do not have sufficient collateral to make the mortgage, so they make it difficult for small and medium enterprises obtain loans from the banks.

Changsha complex bank loan program. Bank loans generally require the following steps:

(1) making an application;
(2) admissibility;
sign a loan contract (4) loans;
(5) credit check after;
(6) repayment.