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What are types of Changsha private lending

1. Changsha civil low interest rates of lending to each other

in fact, it is more common among civil "help the poor". Financing of its subject is primarily natural, financing the relationship is very close, main used for short-term financing needs, the relatively small size of financing, and most of them do not calculate interest or interest is relatively low.


2. higher interest rates of credit

financing subject to individual and private-owned medium and small enterprises, to relationships and reputation as a basis, mostly used in productive working capital needs.


3. unregulated intermediaries loans

including through formal intermediary financing as well as informal intermediaries as the basis for lending.


4. enterprise internal disguised of fund-raising

because China currently lack system, and formal and operation bear of venture investment fund, most of small private enterprise and individual industrial and commercial households are often to "margin", and workers fund-raising, and partner business and absorb field funds shares and so on of form to directly of from civil for raised funds, to of to maintained or expanded production business of scale.