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Hidden in some enterprises in Changsha 4 large management risk difficult to obtain loans from banks for approval

careless from Changsha on the part of the enterprise management, often loss recognized by the Bank so that the loans result in unsatisfactory direction. So-called open flower, with each one, the first micro-credit as you say, enterprise which engaged in risk aversion will incur Bank be penalized, bosses, according to business conditions, check missing trap.

irregularities and risks

1. Enterprise illegal at any time will lead to closed or ordered to stop the crisis, such as the lack of production and operation permits, environmental protection, fire safety inspection certificate.

2. prudent credit manager, everything is hands-on, so the next field trip, know the link of enterprise production and management is not an oversight. Investigation process, the business affected by serious pollution, the existing major fire holes or safety hazards, and so on, will affect his sensitive nerves, open the gates denied loans. It's irrelevant whether the enterprise license, all contrary to the laws and regulations of risk will alert people.

equity risk

1. partnership in the percentage of a borrower's shares is minimal, not company dominated by cases, repayment ability it's hard not to give people a question mark. In this case, only partners came forward to vouch with decision-making power, enterprises see hopes of financing.

2. the real world, then loans the results too numerous because of material fraud, fictitious stakes, of course, is no exception. Over the years, successfully obtained a business loan are owners of patents, but in order to be able to get a loan pass with my boss to enjoy the same level of "crediting" loan, the borrowers without equity and began making a false way of the company's articles of Association and partnership agreements, intended to mislead the Bank's heart. However, for a bank who gives a fake martial arts, you do is insult its intelligence, others by visiting the staff, knowing way, authenticity investigations.